Timber !

On Saturday morning a very delicate piece of tree surgery took place at the manse !

For some time now, a large Beech tree in the manse garden has been overhanging our neighbour’s house and garden. The sheer size of the tree and the precarious overhang has been a concern for the management committee of the congregation for quite some time . So on Saturday morning James Macrae bravely volunteered to climb a twenty foot ladder that had been lashed to the tree and begin the delicate and nerve wracking process of sawing  off some of the boughs of the tree using a specially purchased chainsaw extension. While James cut through the large tree branches three of us waited  nervously below  ready to haul the falling branches by rope into the manse garden .DSCN1182 (1).jpg

We are grateful to God that the work proceeded without injury or damage to life,  limb or property , and it was a great relief to everyone involved when it was all over and James was safely back to ground again. Many of the most precarious branches have now been removed, but more expert help will be required to make the tree completely safe.

A big thanks to James, Campbell and Karen  for all that they did on Saturday .

The photo below shows the tree from the road to the church minus most of the biggest branches .