A New Outlook

A New Outlook

The view from the manse is changing !

Slowly but surely we are getting to see the light of day in the garden once again. This post  show the changes that have taken place in the manse garden in a relatively short space of time.  The garden was completely engulfed with enormously overgrown rhododendron and gorse bushes.  Not only was this limiting the view from the manse, it also contributed to have a detrimental effect on other plants and shrubs in the garden. We hope in the future to manage the bushes more effectively, and prevent them taking over the garden again.

garden ss


After much exhausting work we have been able to cut back much of these huge invasive bushes and the ground in the garden is able to breath and see the light of day once again . Like us all this continues to be a work in progress ! IMG_4007