East meets West ( part 2)

East meets West ( part 2)

We were so blessed to host a group of Korean Christians who dropped in to see us last night in Tarbert.

The photo  above shows the group of eight who had travelled up from Glasgow yesterday as well as those from the congregation who were there to welcome and feed them.  The group is led by Dr Sang In Lee who pastors  a church with a vision for Mission and outreach in Seoul South Korea.   I first met Sang In at Aberdeen University almost twenty years ago, whilst he was studying for a Phd in New Testament studies.


Our Korean Visitors  shortly after arriving tired and hungry in Tarbert

The years have obviously been kinder to Sang In than to myself as the following photos attest. These pre-digital photos  featuring Sang In and others were taken at a prayer gathering in 41 Cedar Court Aberdeen . Sang In was ever present at these gatherings, and at most other times too!

Sang In & I  Tarbert 2017
Sang In & I Cedar Court Aberdeen  1998
Tommy Macneil, Scott Cameron & Sang In  Cedar Court Aberdeen 1998
L/R Phil Sanderson ( now pastor River Church Aberdeen),  Scott Cameron ( back to camera), Alamu from Ethiopia,  Colin Symes ( pastor Community Church Edinburgh), Sang In Lee . (Please note the large and very sound theological  tomes on the shelf).

We thank God for our brothers and sisters from Korea who like many Korean Christians carry a huge burden for the land of Scotland  and the work of God in this place. It is humbling  to know that in love and obedience to God’s command they have come so far to pray for the work of not only the congregation but the work of God throughout the nation.